Time to Get Busy

Here’s the thing. Once the meds are right and things have leveled out, you realize that there is still a bunch of shit waiting for you. And it was all that shit that put you into a tailspin to start with. Are we just programmed to forever react inappropriately to the stress in the world, or does it just gravitate towards us? I’m usually too busy dealing with my crazy that I don’t see what I’m surrounded with. Time to open up my eyes and use this time of lucidity for all it is worth.

5 thoughts on “Time to Get Busy

  1. I was in very serious depression for years. Eventually I was prescribed Prozac. It worked, the depression lifted, and I could see the damage the depression had done to my environment and my life. It can be scary. For me, healing from depression meant grieving my losses.

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  2. Don’t let “too much shit” overwhelm you. Take it all in small pieces, set realistic goals and give yourself some reward for completing each small step. That way depression won’t rear its ugly head!


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