Sad and Stupid Bump

I am not a fan of Vyvanse! I thought the hardest part about switching from Adderral to Vyvanse was going to be when they had to pry the Adderall from my clenched fist. I started feeling lousy as soon as I switched last week. I figured that it was because most things feel lousy compared to taking speed every day. My brain melted yesterday. I couldn’t keep a thought in my head, I couldn’t pin down an idea, I could barely carry on a conversation. It continued to melt today, I am jittery, anxious, and stupid. This afternoon, I suddenly found myself unceremoniously in a depression. The kind of depression that takes a good couple of weeks to get going. The kind that you see gradually catching up with you in the rear-view mirror. I found this to be incredibly unfair and not cool.

I consulted Dr. Google and I’m having an adverse reaction to the Vyvanse. Lots of them. I’m putting this drug in the “A Lot of Nopes” column. What do I do now? I could, with a straight face, tell the doctor that I gave it an honest try and I would like my adderall back please and thank you very much. I’ll do some research tomorrow when I can form a coherent thought. I’m gonna  keep calm and chill until this stupid and sad wear off.

3 thoughts on “Sad and Stupid Bump

  1. Ultimately your doctor has to seriously consider your drug reactions. However, wouldn’t it be best to give it a fair shot first?!


  2. How long is long enough to give it a try? This sounds incapacitating. But never having had such a sudden reaction to medications myself, I really don’t know what the answer is.


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