Dress for the sanity you want, not the sanity you have.

I’ve noticed a pattern in something. I have a routine for when I get ready to go see my doctor. I go into my closet and think to myself, “Which outfit makes me look the most sane?”

I’m not known for wearing insane ensembles. I can put myself together pretty well, but I make doubly sure that I look of sound mind when heading to an appointment. My doc literally has my mental health history pulled up on a computer in front of him, yet I think if I have on the right accessories, he will see me as an equal member of team crazy and not the entire team, coach, fans, and mascot.

Doesn’t it seem odd that a psychiatric doctor’s main source of information about the mental health of a patient…….is from the mentally ill patient? If the doctor is creating his treatment plan based on what I tell him, then I should really let him know that I’m the least reliable person in the room.

If I had a broken arm, the doctor would not rely on me to diagnosis it. He wouldn’t ask me how bad I thought it was. He could care less about what I have to say, he would be looking at the x-ray. If I had a suspected tumor, the doctor would not ask me to keep him posted on its progress. Why can’t there just be an MRI for crazy? I’ll pee in a cup if it means that I don’t have to go through months of trial and error with my medication. My diagnosis has changed pretty much every year for the last 5 years. Again, I am not the most reliable person in the room. I went to the medical school of Google.

Most Sane Outfit
Dark wash jeans that are more on the mom side than the low rise side.
Fitted t-shirt of a solid color.
Go with some sassy shoes, because we are crazy, not dull.
Wear the good purse.
Wear the good jewelry.
Change ring tone from “All About The Bass” or turn off ringer. (I speak from experience)

5 thoughts on “Dress for the sanity you want, not the sanity you have.

  1. My psychiatrist comments on my T-shirt (I only wear interesting t-shirts and jeans.) at every single appointment. I’ve been seeing her for many years and I don’t have a huge collection of shirts. I used to get so pissed off because she said acted like every time she saw one, she was seeing it the first


  2. Oops sent too soon!

    ….the first time. Finally I realized it was the way she got me to start talking as soon as I got there. I wondered if she was stupid, not remembering one shirt from another. She was actually very clever.

    I don’t mean to disagree with what you said, I just thought it was kind of relevant.


  3. When I’m doing well or on my way up, it’s red, pinks and corals, flip flops in the warmer weather, my ringtone hardly changes-it was Hedwig’s Theme from harry Potter for almost 2 years and is now the title theme from “Outlander” on Starz. I ALWAYS carry my gorgeous Ox Blood red Coach bag, and sunglasses are the only accessory I need 😉 Oh, and skinny jeans and tight shorts are my new go-to now that I’ve lost 50 pounds. Don’t care what anyone thinks about that!


  4. Oh my goodness, you have me laughing at myself. As I go to therapy in my dress pants and basically my professional work attire so that I at least present pulled together on the outside. Great minds work alike!


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