The Idiot’s Guide To Understanding The Crazy Person In Your Life

Only the mentally ill know how to talk to the unwell about being sick. Only we know the questions to ask to gauge someone’s well being. I am just now beginning to try and communicate my mental health to those close to me. Before, I would just lie. I would tell people I had a bad cold or my allergies are acting up. I would make up all kinds of stories so I could just stay in bed. Looking back, I’ve been doing this since elementary school. I would try anything to get out of going to school. My reward for skipping school wasn’t hanging out with my friends or secret meetings with boyfriends. My reward was getting to stay in bed and not having to think or move.

My biggest mistake was never telling anyone. I can imagine it could be a bit of a shocker to find out someone close to you has a mental illness only after they have been admitted to the psych ward of your local hospital. That is where I am right now. Not literally. They were nice enough to let me out. I’m 36 years old and just now starting to express a lifetime of ups and downs to my family. That is a lot of years to hide your hurt. And the kick in the crotch is now that I have let my guard down and I’m trying to be honest, all new kinds of “quirks” are popping up. My body thinks it has permission to stop trying to keep it together. Bring on the phobias and odd anxieties because this crazy is open for business!

I’ve gone ahead and created, “The Idiot’s Guide to Understanding the Crazy Person in Your Life” for your convenience. There really are no idiots because we have spent a lifetime being able to hide our crazy. We went pro years ago and those around us are just now trying to figure out the game.

Idiot’s Guide to Crazy  <———- CLICK HERE

5 thoughts on “The Idiot’s Guide To Understanding The Crazy Person In Your Life

  1. Love the idiots guide. It made me laugh, which means I greatly relate. I need to print it out for my husband although he has learned how to translate my CP language after 15 years and does so pretty well….most of the time.


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